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JIFS – Both for Girls & Boys (3-12 YEARS)

JIFS – Auditions of Indian Juniors competition will take place in the month of December. The Finals will be conducted in March 2021. JIFS will have 2 Categories – Kids & Champs.

KIDS – 3-6 YRS



Others :

  1. Fashion Walk & Fancy Dress
  2. Talent Competition – JIFS – Juniors of India Fashion Show is going to be a blast where the Children (3-12 Years) from all over the COUNTRY will compete with each other to win the game of Style, Fashion & Talent !! Winners of JIFS 2020 will be having a host of opportunities.

Meaning and Definition

Little Infants, Boys & Girls will showcase Style / Fashion/ Talent /Modelling. The Contest will be full of thrill, glitz, glam & fame. U are followed by the tinsel industry, media, TV channels & social brethren of the society. The profession gives you respect, fame & prepare you for the Entertainment Industry. The Acting & Modelling field is good both for Kids, Teenagers, Female & Male models. Due to diverse consumer products, specially for children – girls & boys modelling is highly in vogue. You become the talking point at many circles of the society and closely observed by the fashion world. So making career in Beauty & Modelling is the profitable choice from the Initial Stage. A supermodel is not an output of one or two days, it needs time and patience to reach at that level. Let this be your 1st Step to Success. We will guide you at every point in this Industry.

Career & Jobs


The Beauty & Modelling field offers an array of job opportunities because the Fashion, Beauty, TV and Advertising industries are mushrooming at a very fast pace. Now it is not only restricted to Modelling, but numerous good employment opportunities has opened up in Tollywood, Bollywood, TV channels, Serials, Reality Shows, Game Shows and other TV programmes. Lucrative jobs are available at ad and fashion industry.  More or less all the companies want to highlight their products. The best and reasonable way is to endorse the product through beautiful and smart models. An established model charges handsome money for his/her work. The various forms of modelling in the market such as print modelling, ramp modelling and televised modelling increase the significance of the models.  The good model even makes felt his/her presence at the International Level and also Endorses International Brands. In this field, the models get the opportunity to meet diverse people. The sectors also offer opportunity to see different locations of the world.



The field of Beauty & Modelling is glamorous and give you a prosperous career but making a sustained niche is one of the vital issue before all the models. You have to develop certain qualities such as patience, good social networks, and a great sense of professionalism. It is not necessary that one will get full fledge opportunity in modelling fields. Initially, one may have to start from small things like a small TV ad, or simple role in show businesses. There are many models who are doing very well in the Bollywood. In fact, they have made a separate niche for themselves in the film industry. Both men and women have promising careers in the fashion and modelling industries. Participation in Photo shoots from the early age is the added advantage.  To make a good model, the person should have the characteristics like high level of confidence, patience, perseverance, good facial appearance, optimum height and solid body along with photogenic face. At JIFS & MMI we will train you on all these.

Modeling is one of the highest paid jobs in 2020. So, making career in modelling is the judicious steps in these days. Modelling connects you both from small as well as big screens. Post LPG Era, the Indian economy experienced robust growth that too stirs the requirements of models in the industry like advertising, electronic media, fashion, textile, FMCG products, cosmetics, etc. The different lucrative modelling fields are: runaway, catalogue, showroom, fit, promotional, television, videos, print advertisement and editorial modelling.

Duties of Models

  • Display clothing and merchandise in print and online advertisements
  • Promote products and services in television commercials
  • Wear designers’ clothing for runway fashion shows
  • Represent companies and brands at conventions, trade shows, and other events
  • Pose for photos, paintings, or sculptures
  • Work closely with photographers, hair and clothing stylists, makeup artists, and clients to produce a desired look
  • Create and maintain a portfolio of their work
  • Travel to meet and interview with potential clients
  • Conduct research on the product being promoted—for example, the designer or type of clothing fabric
  • Answer questions from consumers about the products

Almost all models sign with modeling agencies. Agencies represent and promote a model to clients in return for a portion of the model’s earnings. Models typically apply for a position with an agency by submitting their photographs through its website or by attending open casting calls and meeting with agents directly.

Models must research an agency before signing, in order to ensure that the agency has a good reputation in the modeling industry. For information on agencies, models should contact a local consumer affairs organization, such as the Better Business Bureau.

Some freelance models do not sign with agencies. Instead, they market themselves to potential clients and apply for modeling jobs directly. However, because most clients prefer to work with agents, it is difficult for new models to pursue a freelance career.

Models must put together and maintain up-to-date portfolios and composite cards. A portfolio is a collection of a model’s previous work. A composite card contains the best photographs from a model’s portfolio, along with his or her body measurements. Both portfolios and composite cards are typically taken to all casting calls and client auditions.

Because advertisers often need to target specific segments of the population, models may specialise in a certain area. For example, petite and plus-size fashions are modeled by women whose sizes are respectively smaller and larger than that worn by the typical model. Models who are disabled may be used to model fashions or products for consumers with disabilities. “Parts” models have a body part, such as a hand or foot, particularly well suited to model products such as nail polish or shoes.

Models appear in different types of media to promote a product or service. Models advertise products and merchandise in magazine or newspaper advertisements, department store catalogs, or television commercials. Increasingly, models are appearing in online ads or on retail websites. Models also pose for sketch artists, painters, and sculptors.

Models often participate in photo shoots and pose for photographers to show off the features of clothing and other products. Models change their posture and facial expressions to capture the look the client wants. The photographer usually takes many pictures of the model in different poses and expressions during the photo shoot.

Models also display clothes and merchandise live in different situations. At fashion shows, models stand, turn, and walk to show off clothing to an audience of photographers, journalists, designers, and garment buyers. Other clients may require models to interact directly with customers. In retail establishments and department stores, models display clothing directly to shoppers and describe the features and prices of the merchandise. At trade shows or conventions, models show off a business’ products and provide information to consumers. These models may work alongside demonstrators and product promoters to help advertise and sell merchandise.

Models often prepare for photo shoots or fashion shows by having their hair and makeup done by professionals in those industries. The hairstylists and makeup artists may touch up the model’s hair and makeup and change the model’s look throughout the event. However, models are sometimes responsible for applying their own makeup and bringing their own clothing.

Advancement for Models

Models advance by working more regularly and being selected for assignments that offer higher pay. They may appear in magazines, print advertising campaigns, commercials, or runway shows that have higher profiles and provide more widespread exposure.

Because advancement depends on a model’s previous work, maintaining a good portfolio of high-quality, up-to-date photographs is important in getting assignments. In addition, actively participating in social media and building a large number of followers increases exposure.

A model’s selection of an agency is also important for advancement: the better the reputation and skill of the agency, the more assignments a model is likely to get.

Important Qualities for Models

Specific requirements depend on the client, but most models must be within certain ranges for height, weight, and clothing size. Requirements may change slightly over time as perceptions of physical beauty change.

A model’s career depends on the person’s maintaining his or her physical characteristics. Models must control their diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep to stay healthy and photogenic. Haircuts, pedicures, and manicures are necessary work-related expenses.

Interpersonal skills.
Models must interact with a large number of people, such as agents, photographers, and customers. It is important to be polite, professional, prompt, and respectful.

Listening skills.
Models must take direction from photographers and clients during photo shoots and commercials.

Organizational skills.
Models must manage their portfolios and their work and travel schedules.

Competition for jobs is strong, and most clients have specific needs for each job, so patience and persistence are essential.

Models spend most of their time being photographed. They must be comfortable in front of a camera in order for photographers to capture the desired look.

Models must have a basic knowledge of hair styling, makeup, and clothing. For photographic and runway work, models must move gracefully and confidently.


How to become a Model?

There are many requirements to be a successful model. Some of the characteristic features that play pivotal role in modelling career are:

  • Ready to face the cut throat competition
  • Hard work and dedication should be in ethics
  • The field is highly competitive with short -lived career
  • Lesser importance is given to educational qualification while much more thrust is paid on physical attributes
  • Professional ethics
  • High level of patience
  • Good social networks
  • Good looking face
  • Enviable body
  • Photogenic face
  • Have the ability to face physical and mental stress
  • Camera friendly
  • Good knowledge of acting

Earning of Models

The earning of models depends upon the experience, network and the type of agency for which you are working. For a fresher, one can get Rs 10, 000 to Rs 15, 000 per fashion show.  An established model can charge Rs. 50, 000 to Rs 1 lakh per fashion show or related shows. However, for reputed models, the earning is beyond the expectation.

Types of Modelling

  • Kids, Boys, Girls, Men & Women high fashion modelling
  • Kids & Teen Modelling
  • Petite modelling
  • Glamour modelling
  • Plus Size modelling
  • Mature modelling
  • Body part modelling
  • Commercial print models
  • Beauty models
  • Swimsuit models
  • Lingerie models
  • Smile models
  • Leg models


Major Scope for Junior, Teen, Miss & Mrs Participants

Corporate video : CV production refers to audio-visual corporate communications material (such as DVD, High-definition video, streaming video or other media) commissioned primarily for a use by a company, corporation or organisation. The Winners will get a chance to shoot a few.


Calendar Shoots : The Participants of Final Round will have a Calendar Shoot. Everything from the professional photographer, to the location and clothing, food, make up artist to choreographer will be provided to all the Final Round Contestants. This can be really empowering, fun and creative and gives you a lot of Face Value. Not only that, facing the Camera will be a huge experience for you all. 


Music Video : We will provide scope for our Junior, Teen, Miss & Mrs participants to shoot a music video. It will be a kind of short film that integrates a song with imagery, and produced for promotional or artistic purposes. 

Feature Film : A modern feature film is typically between 80 and 180 minutes long, but different groups have different minimum lengths to be considered a feature. We will open up scope for the Junior, Teen, Miss & Mrs participants to work in a Feature Film. Our expert team will train the interested Participants. 

Short Films & Web Series : The winners of the Junior, Teen, Miss & Mrs contestants will be offered to work in the Web Series which will be our own home production. This will open up doors to them for the next level of Glamour & Film Industry.